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Another word for junket

  1. A large meal elaborately prepared or served

      1. To open to a fuller extent or width; stretch:
      2. To make wider the gap between; move farther apart:
      3. To distribute over a surface in a layer:
      1. To give food to; supply with nourishment:
      2. To provide as food or nourishment:
      3. To serve as food for:
      1. A large, elaborately prepared meal, usually for many persons and often accompanied by entertainment; a banquet.
      2. A meal that is well prepared and abundantly enjoyed.
      3. A periodic religious festival commemorating an event or honoring a god or saint.
      1. An elaborate, sumptuous repast.
      2. A ceremonial dinner honoring a particular guest or occasion.
      3. To honor at or partake of a banquet.
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  2. A usually short journey taken for pleasure

      1. A going from one place to another; a journey.
      2. A stumble or fall.
      3. A maneuver causing someone to stumble or fall.
      1. An excursion, typically a pleasure trip.
      2. A walk outdoors.
      3. The public disclosure that someone who is assumed to be heterosexual is actually gay, lesbian, or bisexual.
      1. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing.
      2. To make a short journey.
      1. A usually short journey made for pleasure; an outing.
      2. A roundtrip in a passenger vehicle at a special low fare.
      3. A group taking a short pleasure trip together.
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Another word for junket

  1. Pudding

  2. A trip

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