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Another word for pudding

      1. A starch made from cassava roots, usually processed as beads or flakes and used for puddings and as a thickening agent in cooking.
      2. A dish, especially a pudding, made from this starch.
      1. One taken by an official at public expense.
      2. One taken by a person who is the guest of a business or agency seeking favor or patronage.
      3. A party, banquet, or outing.
      1. A dish consisting of milk, eggs, flavoring, and sometimes sugar, boiled or baked until set.
      1. Any of various chilled desserts made with flavored whipped cream, gelatin, and eggs:
      2. A molded dish containing meat, fish, or shellfish combined with whipped cream and gelatin.
      3. An aerosol foam used to control and style the hair.
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