Sentence Examples

  • Her voice was sharp enough to parry his verbal onslaught.
  • By the Authorized Version, produced by Richard Parry (1560-1623), bishop of St Asaph, with the help of Dr John Davies of Mallwyd (1570-1644), the first great Welsh lexicographer.
  • Hugh Capet needed more than three years and the betrayal of his enemy into his hands before he could parry the attack of a quite second-rate adversary, Charles of Lorraine (990), the last descendant of Charlemagne.
  • He had married in July 1828 Lady Julia Tomlinson Hay, daughter of George, 7th marquess of Tweeddale, by whom he had three daughters, but being without heir male the barony lapsed on his death, the baronetcy passing to his nephew, Charles Parry Hobhouse.
  • To unravel plots and weave counterplots; to meet treachery with fraud; to parry force with sleights of hand; to credit human nature with the basest motives, while the blackest crimes were contemplated with cold enthusiasm for their cleverness, was reckoned then the height of political sagacity.