Sentence Examples

  • This tragedy leaves very few survivors, but you are one of the lucky ones.You will begin your journey in the Ammen Vale of Azuremyst Isle, where you will spend your initial quests trying to make friends and allies along the way.
  • Many believe that the ancient well in Glastonbury, Somerset, located in the Vale of Avalon between Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill, is a place of great power, holiness and healing.
  • All the while, Bruce Wayne struggles with his dual identities having met a woman, photographer Vicky Vale, with whom he shares a romantic connection.
  • Bat-obsessed Vale acts as Bruce's love interest in the film, but the relationship is luke warm and the association between them seems strategically placed for the sole purpose of selling the movie, or filling the need for more conflict.
  • She thought of that sad time in her life as a metaphorical vale of tears.