Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes, before the symptoms appear, people experience preliminary symptoms, including fever, malaise, sore throat, or headache.
  • In most cases, the first sign of mumps is a swelling in the parotid glands; occasionally, mumps may begin with a slight fever, headache, and malaise before the swelling appears.
  • Malaise (a general feeling of physical discomfort), loss of appetite, fever, and loss of energy are examples of constitutional symptoms.
  • A more severe and less common variety of serum sickness includes several of the following symptoms: malaise, protein in the urine, joint pains, swelling of mucous membranes with hoarseness and cough, vertigo, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Socialist accounts argued that this physical malaise was compounded by the role of clothing in effecting oppressive social stratification; clothes were seen as masking the innate equality of all people.