Sentence Examples

  • They had probably much to do with the relative healthiness of this district in early times.
  • In the north, however, the hot lowlands are malarial and unsuited to north European settlement, while the dry, elevated plateaus are celebrated for their healthiness, those of Catamarca having an excellent reputation as a sanatorium for sufferers from pulmonary and bronchial diseases.
  • The village, as it was then, had a reputation for healthiness through its gravel soil and pure atmosphere.
  • The healthiness of the New Zealand climate in all parts is attested by the death-rate, which, varying (1896-1906) from 9 to 10.50 per 1000, is the lightest in the world.
  • The climate indeed is noted for its healthiness, the chief drawback being dust-storms. The average temperature for the four winter months - May-August - is 49° F.; hard frosts at night are then common.