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Another word for sleekness

  1. A radiant brightness or glow, usually due to light reflected from a smooth surface

      1. A smooth glossy finish or appearance; luster.
      2. A gloss or polish
      1. A coating of colored, opaque, or transparent material applied to ceramics before firing.
      2. A glassy finish, as on pottery
      3. A coat of semitransparent color applied to a painted surface to modify the effect
      1. A superficially or deceptively attractive appearance or good reputation:
      2. A kind of paint that dries to a shiny finish.
      3. A cosmetic that adds shine or luster, such as lip gloss.
      1. Soft reflected light; sheen.
      2. The appearance of a mineral surface judged by its brilliance and ability to reflect light.
      3. The quality, condition, or fact of shining by reflected light; gloss; sheen
      1. Elegance of style or manners; refinement.
      2. The act or process of polishing:
      3. A substance containing chemical agents or abrasive particles and applied to smooth or shine a surface:
      1. Bright or shining attire
      2. A glossy surface given to textiles.
      3. Brightness; shininess; luster
      1. Brightness from a source of light; radiance.
      2. Excellence in quality or appearance; splendor.
      3. Luster; polish; gloss
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