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Another word for implication

  1. A subtle quality underlying or felt to underlie a situation, action, or person

      1. A tone of low pitch or volume, especially of spoken sound.
      2. A faint or subdued color, esp. one seen through other colors, as in some glazes
      3. An implicit message perceived subtly alongside, but not detracting noticeably from, the explicit message conveyed in or by a book, film, verbal dialogue or similar (contrast with overtone); an undercurrent
      1. An underlying tendency, opinion, etc., usually one that is kept hidden and not expressed openly
      2. An underlying tendency, force, or influence often contrary to what is superficially evident.
      3. (Figuratively) A tendency of feeling or opinion that is concealed rather than exposed.
      1. A minute amount or slight indication; a trace:
      2. The act or an instance of suspecting guilt, a wrong, harmfulness, etc. with little or no supporting evidence
      3. The state or feeling of having no confidence or certainty about something; distrust:
      1. A vague idea or notion; suspicion
      2. A slight hint or indication.
      1. A small, barely detectable amount of.
      2. A clue.
      3. A slight indication of a fact, wish, etc.; indirect suggestion or piece of advice; intimation; covert allusion
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Another word for implication

  1. Assumption

  2. A link