Sentence Examples

  • The Franks were redoubtable warriors, and were generally of great stature.
  • " Ex ungue leonem " might have been justly said, for he attacked, and attacked successfully, the redoubtable Warburton.
  • The revolt speedily collapsed before this redoubtable commander, and Alem and the other leaders surrendered.
  • The next year Cuchulinn receives arms, makes his first foray, and slays the three sons of Necht, redoubtable hereditary foes of the Ulstermen, in the plain of Meath.
  • The point at issue was, that neither in the polyphonic school, in which Zarlino was educated, nor in the later monodic school, of which his recalcitrant pupil, Vincenzo Galilei, was the most redoubtable champion, could those proportions be tolerated in practice, however attractive they might be to the theorist in their mathematical aspect.