Sentence Examples

  • If one part of the hair doesn't wave into a black men's hair wave style, try making sure that the hair pomade is distributed evenly to that area and make sure that the area is brushed in the correct direction.
  • Men constantly brush their hair to create waves, but they should only brush it about three times a day after putting pomade in it and letting a warm towel soften the pomade and soften their hair.
  • While most short styles won't require a smoothing serum, glossing gel or tress repair, you will need a wax or pomade to finish your style while imparting a small amount of shine and hold.
  • Always take a few seconds to add a bit of styling paste, pomade or a lightweight gel to your bangs to add separation, hold and a bit of shine.
  • Smooth the ends for a sleek, polished look, or use a texturizing pomade to create lots of piecy texture that will give your hair an edgy feel.