Sentence Examples

  • After Tom's search for the lost memo, the items on top of his desk were all cattywampus. 
  • Kaboose: At this site, you'll find instructions for making a potpourri basket, personalized memo pad with sparkles, painted jars, memo frame, magnetic bookmarks, scented soaps, apple pencil topper, and more.
  • When attempting to write a persuasive memo, along with clarifying the purpose and action you expect the recipient to take, you'll want to include a third key point--the advantages for taking action.
  • Note that memo heading information does not have to be included in memos that are typed into the body of an email message, as the email program automatically includes to, from, and date information.
  • This software will help you create your business plan and all its related documents, including the executive summary and the executive memo (a condensed version of the business plan that is longer than the executive summary).