Sentence Examples

  • A handwritten note will usually suffice for a heartfelt thank you.
  • However, print-based courses also have notable advantages; namely, they tend to be more independently paced than other courses, and they can feel more personal due to the tangible documents or handwritten information that parties exchange.
  • As mentioned previously, there are several routes you can take to actually write your will, but before you do anything, you'll need to check the laws of your state to find out whether a handwritten will is valid.
  • Books with a handwritten message inside the front cover, including a small Bible or a favorite children's book, also make excellent baby gifts, and because you wrote the message yourself, personalization is free.
  • Holding handwritten signs of prayer and gratitude, or just the classic thumbs up signal, teen hitchhikers take many risky measures to escape from home and their adult supervised environments.