Sentence Examples

  • In 1831 Wheatstone by his " magic lyre" experiment showed that, when the sounding-boards of two musical instruments are connected together by a rod of pine wood, a tune played on one will be faithfully reproduced by the other.
  • His portion is illustrated by two hundred and ninety-nine coloured plates that, wretched as they are, have been continually reproduced in various text-books - a fact possibly due to their subjects having been judiciously selected.
  • Braun and reproduced from his Liturgische Gewandung by permission of B.
  • It closes with the introduction of incised, white-filled decoration on pottery, whose motives are presently found reproduced in monochrome pigment.
  • 4 The works of Catesby and Edwards were afterwards reproduced at Nuremberg and Amsterdam by Seligmann, with the letterpress in German, French and Dutch.