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Another word for periodical

  1. Happening or appearing at regular intervals

  2. Happening or appearing now and then

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Another word for periodical

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      1. The act or process of publishing matter in print or electronic form.
      2. An issue of printed or electronic matter, such as a book or magazine, offered for distribution or sale.
      3. Communication of information to the public:
      1. A member of the set of positive integers; one of a series of symbols of unique meaning in a fixed order that can be derived by counting.
      2. A member of any of the following sets of mathematical objects: integers, rational numbers, real numbers, and complex numbers. These sets can be derived from the positive integers through various algebraic and analytic constructions.
      3. Arithmetic.
      1. To look over, study, or examine again:
      2. To consider retrospectively; look back on:
      3. To examine with an eye to criticism or correction: