Sentence Examples

  • Equality mainstreaming occurs when these ideas, attitudes or activities routinely incorporate an equality perspective and become a normal feature of mainstream thinking.
  • On the upside, do-it-yourself kits are typically more affordable than office treatments, although in the long run they may prove less cost-effective as the product is purchased routinely and the results are not as quick to appear.
  • While many among this group cite different theories of why this happens, the point of agreement among them is that some or all of the vaccines routinely given during childhood are the cause of much of today's ever increasing autism cases.
  • Interest Rates: Many of these cards have higher interest rates than other reward cards, and if the cardholder routinely carries a month-to-month balance on the card any cash back rewards will be quickly lost to finance charges.
  • If you routinely fall asleep reading, leaning your head to the side and putting stress on your frames, that could lead to an uncomfortable fit or breakage; damage from this kind of use is less likely with bendable readers.