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Another word for inventory

  1. A supply stored or hidden for future use

      1. A reserve of something stored, saved, etc.
      2. An accumulation, especially of unfinished work or unfilled orders.
      3. A reserve supply or source.
      1. A fast storage buffer in the central processing unit of a computer.
      2. A place in which stores of food, supplies, etc. are hidden, as by explorers or trappers
      3. (Comput.) A storage area or portion of memory variously designed to store program instructions, copies of recently or frequently accessed Web pages, etc. for faster retrieval
      1. (Archaeology) A cache of valuable objects or artefacts; a trove.
      2. A supply stored up and hidden or kept in reserve
      3. A supply or store of something held or hidden for future use.
      1. (Idiomatic) A savings; a reserve of money.
      2. An artificial or natural egg placed in a nest to induce a bird to continue to lay eggs in that place.
      3. A natural or artificial egg placed in a bird's nest, to encourage the bird to lay its own eggs there.
      1. Something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose:
      2. Cash, or assets readily turned into cash, held out of use by a bank, insurance company, or business to meet expected or unexpected demands
      3. Available participants kept out of action for use in an emergency or for replacing active groups or units, as in sports or warfare
      1. A supply or source of something.
      2. A small intercellular space, often containing resin, essential oil, or some other secreted matter.
      3. A place where anything is kept in store; especially, a place where water is collected and kept for use when wanted, as to supply a fountain, a canal, or a city by means of aqueducts.
      1. The total amount of goods on hand in a store, etc.; inventory
      2. A supply accumulated for future use; a store.
      3. A store or supply
      1. A reserve supply of goods, raw material, etc., accumulated esp. in anticipation of future shortage or emergency
      2. A supply stored for future use, usually carefully accrued and maintained.
      1. Supplies, especially of food, clothing, or arms.
      2. A retail establishment where goods are regularly offered for sale
      3. A stock or supply reserved for future use:
      1. Accumulated or stored wealth, esp. in the form of money, precious metals, jewels, etc.
      2. One considered especially precious or valuable:
      3. Accumulated or stored wealth in the form of money, jewels, or other valuables:
      1. A secret place where something is hidden or stored.
      2. Something, such as money or an illegal drug, that has been hidden or stored.
      3. Something hidden away; specif., a hidden supply of an illegal drug
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Another word for inventory

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  1. Store of goods