Sentence Examples

  • 16 a the gas industry, caused the attention of inventors to be turned to the enrichment of coal gas.
  • One of the most generally adopted methods of enrichment now is by means of carburetted water gas mixed with poor coal gas.
  • The following analysis gives a fair idea of the composition of an average sample of gas made from coal, purified but without enrichment: Ioo 00 These constituents may be divided into - (a) light-yielding hydrocarbons, (b) combustible diluents and (c) impurities.
  • Very many attempts have been made to utilize tar for Enrich- the production and enrichment of gas, and to do this meat by two methods may be adopted: tar.
  • The final solution of the question of enrichment of gas by hydrocarbons derived from tar may be arrived at by a process which prevents the formation of part of the tar during the carbonization of the coal, or by the process devised by C. B.