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Another word for notify

  1. To impart information to

      1. To inform:
      2. To let (someone) know; give knowledge to; make (someone) aware; inform
      3. To cause to come to know personally:
      1. To inform; notify:
      2. To give advice
      3. To discuss something and get advice; consult (with a person)
      1. To inform or notify
      2. To give notice to; inform:
      1. To develop or refine (one's taste or appreciation, for example).
      2. To pay for the schooling of (a person)
      3. To provide with information, as in an effort to gain support for a position or to influence behavior:
      1. To give the light of fact and knowledge to; free from ignorance, prejudice, or superstition
      2. To make clear to (a person) the facts or nature of something; inform
      3. (--- Religion) To give spiritual insight and understanding to
      1. (--- Obs.) To give form to
      2. To impart information to; make aware of something:
      3. To give knowledge of something to; tell; acquaint with a fact, etc.
      1. To make known; disclose or reveal:
      2. To communicate by speech or writing; express with words:
      3. To reveal something that is not supposed to be revealed, especially something that someone has done wrong:
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Another word for notify

  1. To provide with information

  2. To warn

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Synonym Study

  • Apprise implies notifying someone of something that has particular interest for the person to be apprised of the risks involved
  • Acquaint suggests making familiar with something hitherto unknown to one she acquainted me with the problem
  • Inform implies making aware of something by giving knowledge of it he informed me of your decision to join us
  • Notify implies the sending of a formal notice imparting required or pertinent information to notify members that the meeting has been postponed