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Another word for hip

  1. Marked by comprehension, cognizance, and perception

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Another word for hip

      1. The hip, buttock, and upper thigh in humans and certain other animals.
      2. An animal's loin and leg together; joint of venison, mutton, etc.
      3. (Archit.) Either of the sides of an arch from the point of rising to the vertex
      1. Line of descent through either parent; maternal or paternal lineage
      2. One of two or more contrasted parts or places within an area, identified by its location with respect to a center:
      3. A distinct aspect:
      1. (Anatomy) Alternative spelling of hip bone.
      2. The neck of the femur
      3. Either of two large flat bones each forming one of the lateral halves of the pelvis and consisting of the fused ilium, ischium, and pubis.
      1. The funnel-shaped part of the kidney leading into the ureter
      2. The cavity formed by this structure.
      3. A basin-shaped structure of the skeleton of many vertebrates, composed in humans of the hipbones on the sides, the pubis in front, and the sacrum and coccyx behind, that rests on the lower limbs and supports the spinal column.
      1. One of the two large rollers of a loom
      2. The main horizontal bar on a plow to which the share, colter, and handles are attached.
      3. The side of a ship or the direction extending outward on either side at right angles to the fore-and-aft line of a ship, aircraft, etc.
      1. (Archaic) The part of the leg behind the knee
      2. The thigh of the hind leg of certain animals, especially a hog.
      3. The hock or hind leg of a four-legged animal
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