Sentence Examples

  • This eCampus is centered on Web-based classes that utilize Blackboard, a program that allows students to log in and complete their work from any location, at any time.
  • However, if you are old enough to have been in grade school during this time frame, you probably remember and perhaps giggled inappropriately at the sight of the back of your teacher's arm flapping as she wrote on the blackboard.
  • In addition to traditional blackboard colors like black and green, there are also tinted chalkboard paints available, so you can get the perfect color for your décor.
  • Emerging technology and Blackboard distance learning tools enhance existing course content and make it easy for a student to learn more about fellow classmates' personalities, views, and opinions without ever meeting them in person.
  • In addition, a child with undiagnosed nearsightedness related to Marfan may have difficulty seeing the blackboard or reading printed materials, and thus do poorly in school.