Sentence Examples

  • On this side of Gable is the fine detached rock, Napes Needle.
  • Its style was mainly Early English, the western gable Norman.
  • This gable is tilted eastwards, and its two long slopes are defined by bordering mountain chains which run across its medial ridge; the main Syrian streams are those which follow those slopes between the 'chains, thus running either north or south for most of their courses, and only finding their way to the western sea by making sharp elbows at the last.
  • All the mountains offer easy routes to pedestrians, but some of them, as Scafell, Pillar, Gable (Napes Needle), Pavey Ark above Langdale and Dow Crags near Coniston, also afford ascents for experienced climbers.
  • Another point of difference between the English and American hive is the roof, which being gable-shaped in the former allows warm packing to be placed directly on the frame tops, so that the bees are covered in when the roof is removed and may be examined or fed with very little disturbance.