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Another word for tent

      1. The state of being covered or protected; protection; refuge
      2. Something, especially a structure, that provides cover or protection, as from the weather:
      3. The state of being covered or protected:
      1. A painting executed on such fabric.
      2. A piece of such fabric on which a painting, especially an oil painting, is executed.
      3. A closely woven, coarse cloth of hemp, cotton, or linen, often unbleached, used for tents, sails, etc.
      1. A protective rooflike covering, often of canvas, mounted on a frame over a walkway or door.
      2. A covering, usually of cloth, suspended over a throne or bed or held aloft on poles above an eminent person or a sacred object.
      3. A structure of canvas on a framework sheltering an area or forming a sheltered walk to the entrance of a building
      1. A sheet of waterproof material, specif. canvas coated or impregnated with a waterproofing compound, for spreading over something to protect it as from weather damage
      2. A hat made of, or covered with, painted or tarred cloth, worn by sailors and others.
      3. (Countable) A heavy, waterproof sheet of material, often cloth, used as a cover.
      1. Anything that covers
      2. Something that covers, so as to protect or conceal.
      3. (Uncountable) Action of the verb to cover.
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