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Another word for block out

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Another word for block out

  1. To obscure

      1. To place something upon or over, so as to protect or conceal:
      2. To overlay or spread with something:
      3. To put a cover or covering on:
      1. A movable device, especially a framed construction such as a room divider or a decorative panel, designed to divide, conceal, or protect.
      2. One that serves to protect, conceal, or divide:
      3. A coarse sieve used for sifting out fine particles, as of sand, gravel, or coal.
      1. To keep from being observed or discovered; hide.
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  2. To plan

      1. A map showing coastlines, water depths, or other information of use to navigators.
      2. An outline map on which specific information, such as scientific data, can be plotted.
      3. A sheet presenting information in the form of graphs or tables.
      1. A hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.
      2. A brief general account or presentation; an outline.
      3. A brief, light, or informal literary composition, such as an essay or a short story.
      1. A line indicating the outer contours or boundaries of an object or figure:
      2. A style of drawing in which objects are delineated in contours without shading.
      3. A sketch done in this style.
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