Sentence Examples

  • You'll find that your hands will be much more at ease with this type of stress reliever tool because they wrap comfortably around an object that is specifically designed for the shape of your fingers and palm.
  • When using valium as a pain reliever or as an aid in treating the symptoms of withdrawal from another drug, it's important to understand that the drug itself does not cure the cause of the pain or anxiety.
  • The health care professional may administer a dose of a non-aspirin pain/fever reliever at the time of the vaccine and advise giving the medicine every four to six hours for 24 hours after the vaccine.
  • Think of the things you enjoy the most or try something new as you find natural stress reliever methods that quickly melt away the tension leaving you feeling relaxed, calm, and refreshed.
  • Pain can be relieved be placing a warm heating pad or compress on the infected ear as well as through the use of an over-thecounter pain reliever such as acetaminophen or aspirin.