Sentence Examples

  • Elsewhere he talks of the " sacrament of faith," and " of the Resurrection," and " of human salvation," and " of the Pascha," and " of unction," and " of the body of Christ."
  • In the period of the Hebrew monarchy the thought that Yahweh is the divine king of Israel was associated with the conception that the human king reigns by right only if he reigns by commission or" unction "from Him.
  • (e) There followed an act of unction, made in the East with the oil of the catechumens blessed only by the priest, in the West with the priest's saliva applied to the lips and ears.
  • EXTREME UNCTION, a sacrament of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • It was a popular opinion in the middle ages that extreme unction extinguishes all ties and links with this world, so that he who has received it must, if he recovers, renounce the eating of flesh and matrimonial relations.

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