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Another word for recover

  1. To get back

      1. To get back into one's grasp, possession, or control, especially from a known place or a place of storage:
      2. To go to and bring or escort back (someone):
      3. To search for, find, and bring back:
      1. To regain possession of.
      2. To reclaim possession of for failure to make payments due.
      3. To give back possession to.
      1. To recover possession of (something lost or taken away); get back:
      2. To occupy again:
      3. To have (the use or control of something) restored; get back:
      1. To get back; recover or regain:
      2. To gain an amount equal to (an outlay or investment):
      3. To restore; replenish:
  2. To extricate from an undesirable state

      1. The rescue of a ship or its cargo from fire or shipwreck.
      2. The ship or cargo saved in such a rescue.
      3. Award given to those who aid in such a rescue when under no obligation to do so, especially in the form of a portion of the cargo.
      1. To cause to be free from danger, imprisonment, or difficulty; save.
      2. To remove (a person or property) from legal custody by force, in violation of the law.
      3. An act of rescuing; a deliverance.
      1. To recover ownership of by paying a specified sum:
      2. To pay off (a promissory note, for example).
      3. To turn in (coupons, for example) and receive something in exchange.
      1. To demand the restoration or return of (a possession, for example); claim again or back:
      2. To require or deserve again:
      3. To bring into or return to a suitable condition for use, as cultivation or habitation:
  3. To regain one's health

Another word for recover

  1. To obtain again

  2. To improve one's condition

  3. To regain health

Synonym Study

  • Reclaim implies recovery or restoration to a better or useful state to reclaim wasteland
  • Recoup implies recovery of an equivalent in compensation I tried to recoup my losses
  • Retrieve suggests diligent effort in regaining something that is beyond each reach he was determined to retrieve his honor
  • Regain more strongly stresses a deliberate winning back of something that has been lost or taken from one to regain confidence, to regain a military objective
  • Recover implies finding or getting back something that one has lost in any manner to recover stolen property, to recover one's self-possession