Sentence Examples

  • If you are looking for products that will minimize age spots, increase your skin's resilience, and provide deep hydration, L'Oreal Age Perfect may be the skin care line for you.
  • Criss, Michael M., et al. "Family Adversity, Positive Peer Relationships, and Children's Externalizing Behavior: A Longitudinal Perspective on Risk and Resilience."
  • When put under the test of everyday wear and tear, the most optimal material for your sunglasses construction is nylon, because of its resilience to cracking and ability to return to its originally designed shape.
  • This means a tire that's used daily is going to have higher resilience than one that's used only once every three months.
  • Purveyors of shoes and clothing for dancers since 1887, Capezio is famed throughout the dance world for the beauty and resilience of its products.