Sentence Examples

  • Without elasticity of dimensions, it is also without known counterpart.
  • When caoutchouc is heated slightly above the temperature of boiling water it becomes softer and loses much of its elasticity, which, however, it recoveres on cooling.
  • Other tests show variability in burning quality, elasticity of leaf, texture, taste, &c. The United States Department of Agriculture has closely investigated this important question and the results attained are brought together by Messrs H.
  • An unfinished work, The History of the Theory of Elasticity, was edited and published posthumously in 1886 by Karl Pearson.
  • The energy of this fork with a given amplitude of vibration could be calculated from its dimensions and elasticity, and the amplitude was observed by measuring with a microscope the line into which the image of a starch grain on the prong was drawn by the vibration.