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Another word for suffer

  1. To feel, show, or express grief

      1. Mental suffering caused by loss, disappointment, or misfortune, or an instance of this:
      2. A source or cause of sorrow; a misfortune:
      3. Expression of sorrow, or an instance of this:
      1. To feel or express grief or sorrow.
      2. To show grief for a death by conventional signs, as by wearing black clothes.
      3. To make a low, indistinct, mournful sound. Used especially of a dove.
      1. To express grief for or about; mourn:
      2. To regret deeply; deplore:
      3. To grieve audibly; wail.
      1. To cause to be sorrowful; distress:
      2. To mourn or sorrow for:
      3. To file an official or formal grievance on account of (an actual or perceived injustice).
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  2. To participate in or partake of personally

      1. To establish the truth or validity of (something) by the presentation of argument or evidence:
      2. To demonstrate the reality of (something):
      3. To show (oneself) to be what is specified or to have a certain characteristic:
      1. To experience or be subjected to:
      1. To distinguish the flavor of by taking into the mouth.
      2. To eat or drink a small quantity of.
      3. To partake of, especially for the first time; experience:
      1. To perceive with the eye:
      2. To detect by means analogous to use of the eye:
      3. To attend or view as a spectator:
      1. To come into the presence of by chance or arrangement:
      2. To come into the company of:
      3. To be introduced to; make the acquaintance of:
      1. To perceive directly; grasp in the mind with clarity or certainty.
      2. To regard as true beyond doubt:
      3. To have a practical understanding of, as through experience; be skilled in:
      1. To be in possession of:
      2. To possess as a characteristic, quality, or function:
      3. To possess or contain as a constituent part:
      1. (literally) To travel from one end of something to the other.
      2. To examine or scrutinize (a number or series of things), especially in a regular order.
      3. To enact or recite the entire length of (something).
      1. To perceive through the sense of touch:
      2. To perceive as a physical sensation:
      3. To touch:
      1. The apprehension of an object, thought, or emotion through the senses or mind:
      2. Active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill:
      3. The knowledge or skill so derived.
  3. To neither forbid nor prevent

      1. To refrain from interfering with or prohibiting (something undesirable or outside one's own practice or beliefs); allow or permit:
      2. To recognize and respect (the rights, beliefs, or practices of others).
      3. To accept or be patient regarding (something unpleasant or undesirable); endure:
      1. To allow the doing of (something); consent to:
      2. To grant consent or leave to (someone); authorize:
      3. To afford opportunity or possibility for:
      1. To give permission or opportunity to; allow:
      2. To cause to; make:
      3. Used as an auxiliary in the imperative to express a command, request, or proposal:
      1. To be in possession of:
      2. To possess as a characteristic, quality, or function:
      3. To possess or contain as a constituent part:
      1. To let do or happen; permit:
      2. To permit the presence of:
      3. To permit to have:
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Another word for suffer

  1. To feel pain

  2. To endure

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  3. To permit