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Another word for dislodge

      1. To throw out forcefully; expel:
      2. (Sports) To disqualify or force (a player or coach) to leave the playing area for the remainder of a game.
      3. To be ejected from an aircraft as by means of an ejection seat
      1. To force to leave an accustomed or native location.
      2. To pull up (a plant and its roots) from the ground.
      3. To remove or force from home or native land
      1. (Physics) To push aside and occupy the physical space of (a volume of fluid):
      2. To take the place of; supplant or replace (a person or thing that one is the cause of or occasion for removing, pushing aside, etc.)
      3. (Chemistry) To replace (an atom, radical, ion, or molecule) in a compound during a reaction.
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