Sentence Examples

  • The word "dentist" has the denotation "man or woman who fixes teeth."
  • The dentist begins by asking the patient specific questions about the toothache, including the types of foods that make the pain worse, whether the tooth is sensitive to temperature or biting, and whether the pain is worse at night.
  • The benefit for the dentist for becoming part of the network is an increased patient load because PPO dental patients select a dentist from within the network if they want to receive one hundred percent reimbursement for their dental work.
  • In other words, a dental patient will know that a visit to the dentist will cost a certain dollar amount - such as a $10 co-pay - instead of going into the visit knowing that the co-pay will some percentage of the total cost of the visit.
  • In the early twentieth century a young dentist in Colorado Springs, Colorado, named Frederick McKay, noticed that many local residents had brown stains on their permanent teeth and that their teeth were surprisingly resistant to decay.