Sentence Examples

  • Attius Varus, with the tragedian (Appian, B.C. v.
  • Philoctetes was also the subject of tragedies by Achaeus of Eretria, Euphorion of Chalcis and the Roman tragedian Accius.
  • Eretria was the birthplace of the tragedian Achaeus and of the "Megarian" philosopher Menedemus.
  • "Admiration" may or may not properly be excited by tragedy, and until this important question is settled the name of tragedian may be at pleasure given to or withheld from the author of Rodogune.
  • CLODIUS AESOPUS, the most eminent Roman tragedian, flourished during the time of Cicero, but the dates of his birth and death are not known.