Sentence Examples

  • Although there are plenty of reasons why Steve-O needs to take a break and relax from pranks that usually involve a great deal of physical pain, another reason for him to slow down is his recent drug charge of felony cocaine possession.
  • There are literally thousands of tips and tricks on how to prank your parents available online, and if you are creative, then you can even create your own pranks with a little inspiration from websites about gags and pranks.
  • While some pranks could be considered amusing, such as tangling of the hair while a person sleeps or taking some small item from a home, fairies have also been attributed with being responsible for death and sickness.
  • The boy varied the monotony of his studies by pranks which revealed his unbalanced character, including an attempt to raise spirits with the aid of Dr Faust's Hallenzwang.
  • Ah, the pranks that the nixies of Dreamland play on us while we sleep!