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Another word for bamboozle

  1. To cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

Another word for bamboozle

  1. To cheat

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  2. To perplex

      1. To baffle or confuse mentally by presenting or being a difficult problem or matter.
      2. To ponder over a problem in an effort to solve or understand it.
      3. To clarify or solve (something confusing) by reasoning or study:
      1. To fail to distinguish; mix up:
      2. To mix up or lump together indiscriminately; confuse
      3. To make (something bad) worse:
      1. To confuse or perplex, especially so as to frustrate or prevent from taking action:
      2. To confuse so as to keep from understanding or solving; puzzle; confound
      3. To check the interference of (low-frequency sound waves) in a radio, phonograph, etc. by the use of a baffle
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