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Another word for captivate

  1. To please greatly or irresistibly

      1. (Obs.) To put under a spell; bewitch
      2. To hold the attention of by being very interesting or delightful; charm; captivate
      3. (Archaic) To deprive of the ability to escape or move, usually by the power of a look. Used of serpents.
      1. To delight and fill with wonder.
      2. To fill with delight, wonder, or enchantment:
      3. To fill with rapture or delight; enchant; charm; enrapture
      1. To cast a spell over, as by magic; bewitch
      2. To charm greatly; delight
      3. To attract and delight; entrance.
      1. To induce by means of strong personal attractiveness:
      2. To delight or fascinate:
      3. To function as an amulet or charm.
      1. To place under one's power by magic; cast a spell over.
      2. To use witchcraft or magic on; cast a spell over
      3. To attract and delight irresistibly; enchant; fascinate; charm
      1. To deprive (someone) of something by guile or deceit; cheat:
      2. To pass (time) pleasantly; while away
      3. To amuse or charm; delight or fascinate.
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Another word for captivate