Sentence Examples

  • Having a card with a picture of a wrench on it and the caption "I really wanna screw!" may be exactly what conveys your feelings of passion - but unless your sweetie has a sense of humor, the message is going to get lost.
  • If you found the shoes in a magazine, the shoe's name and designer might be sourced in the caption or towards the back of the magazine in the "Where to Buy" section.
  • Lance posted a photo of the bike in a Twitter "twitpic," with a caption stating "There is only one like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off.
  • This is all taking place under a caption that states that the star will be featured in the new Emporio Armani underwear and jeans advertisements.
  • My Emo Hairstyles: This site allows you to browse through others' hairstyles and, once you get your own, submit your photos with a caption.