Sentence Examples

  • There's a little news headline everyday that sometimes tells of special events that are taking place around town, so you'll want to check that everyday so you can be sure to go where the people are.
  • This rarely-discussed segment of the home loan industry suddenly began making international headline news as it took the blame for what may be the worst mortgage industry meltdown in history.
  • A headline that reads "Free 24 Hour Road Side Assistance" is very clear to you, but customers may not fully realize what that feature of the insurance means.
  • Although the headline Guiding Light cancelled carries dramatic weight, it does not take away from the show's inestimable success for over 72 years, a feat no other television show can match.
  • Finally, visit Starbucks online to customize a gift card with a design, color and/or border and other graphics; plus choose your own font and add a personal headline and message to the card.