Sentence Examples

  • It is the residence of the Headman of the Griqua nation.
  • The new pasha of Belgrade appointed one Milosh Obrenovich headman of his own district, but a few years later Milosh raised a successful revolt, drove out the Turks, and re-established Servian semi-independence.
  • About this time these societies, each having its headman, were called frithborhs, or peace-borhs, and the Normans translated the Anglo-Saxon word by frankpledge.
  • The country is divided into four governmental departments (Kreise) and subdivided into sixty-four divisions (Oberamtsbezirke), each of which is under a headman (Oberamtrnann) assisted by a local council (Amtsversasnmlung).
  • The kraal is under the immediate rule of its headman, who is a patriarch responsible for the good behaviour of all its members.