Sentence Examples

  • Tracking down polka dot plus size bras is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack - perhaps not quite so difficult, but also not as simple as, say, finding a simple neutral bra or a sexy push-up bra for a glamorous evening out.
  • The dark-haired beauty gets "Bettyfied" for her on-screen persona, but the real Ferrera is a glamorous and naturally beautiful woman who is viewed by many as a positive role model for young Latinas and other young women around the world.
  • No expense was spared with any of the over-the-top nuptials featured on the show, which only lasted for one season but helped launch a string of copycat reality shows featuring glamorous - and incredibly expensive - weddings.
  • Marilyn Monroe made the halter dress popular with her stunning white ensemble that is the inspiration for costumes like the one featured on Fierce Costumes but you don't have to opt for a costume to get a glamorous look.
  • From the brand's famed line of denim to the urban feel of pocket-laden cargo pants and utility bags, Girbaud has managed to maintain the classic, low-key yet unavoidably glamorous attitude that is associated with European style.