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Another word for afraid

  1. Filled with fear or terror

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Another word for afraid

  1. Apprehensive of the future

  2. Gripped by fear

Synonym Study

  • Terrified implies intense, overwhelming fear he stood terrified as the tiger charged
  • Timorous suggests fearfulness and lack of confidence as a habitual state of mind raised a timorous objection
  • Fearful suggests a feeling of disquiet and a tendency to worry rather than an alarming fear fearful of making an error
  • Timid implies a lack of courage or self-confidence and suggests overcautiousness or shyness too timid to ask for an explanation
  • Frightened implies a sudden, usually temporary seizure of fear the child was frightened by the dog
  • Afraid is applied to a general feeling of fear or disquiet and is the broadest in application of all the words considered here to be afraid of the dark, to be afraid to die