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Another word for scare

  1. To fill with fear

      1. (Archaic) To frighten; terrify
      1. To fill or overpower with terror; terrify.
      2. To coerce, make submit, etc. by filling with terror, as by the use or threat of violence
      3. To coerce or intimidate by causing fear.
      1. To fill with terror; make deeply afraid:
      2. To drive or force by arousing fear:
      3. To fill with terror; frighten greatly; alarm
      1. To become alarmed, frightened, or surprised.
      2. To surprise, frighten, or alarm suddenly or unexpectedly; esp., to cause to start, or move involuntarily, as from sudden fright
      3. To alarm, frighten, or surprise suddenly.
      1. (Botany) To slit or soften the outer coat of (seeds) in order to speed germination.
      2. To frighten
      3. To create a design on the skin by means of shallow cuts that are sometimes rubbed with a colorant or irritant to enhance the resulting scar tissue.
      1. To give way to or show panic
      2. (Slang) To convulse (a listener, audience, etc.) with laughter, delight, etc.
      3. To affect with panic
      1. To force (away, out, or off) or bring (into a specified condition) by making afraid
      2. To become afraid:
      3. To fill with fear; alarm.
      1. To warn of approaching danger
      2. To equip with or protect by an alarm:
      3. To fill with alarm or anxious concern.
      1. (Archaic) To frighten; terrify
      2. To arouse fear in; terrify:

Another word for scare

      1. A device that is used to warn of danger by means of a sound or signal:
      2. The sounding mechanism of an alarm clock:
      3. The bell, buzzer, etc. of an alarm clock
      1. (Informal) An annoying person or thing, especially an ill-mannered or disruptive child.
      2. Violence committed or threatened by a group, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals.
      3. One that instills intense fear:
      1. (Informal) Something extremely unsightly, alarming, or strange:
      2. Sudden intense fear, as of something immediately threatening.
      3. Sudden fear or terror; alarm
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