Sentence Examples

  • It's my responsibility to monitor and deter them in the mortal world, Rhyn said.
  • The failure of Jaureguy did not deter a young Catholic zealot, by name Balthazar Gerard, from attempting to assassinate the man whom he looked upon as the arch-enemy of God and the king.
  • Upon returning to his post, in 1859, the approaching presidential campaign of 1860 did not deter him from delivering a speech, entirely free from personal rancour, on " The Barbarism of Slavery " - to this day one of the most comprehensive and scathing indictments of American slavery ever presented.
  • The two condensers to be compared are connected in the branches of a Wheatstone's Bridge and the other two arms R deter- completed with variable resistance boxes.
  • The burgesses, of course, had long been a relatively rich and powerful body: it is a fond delusion to suppose that they sprang into being under John Knox, though their attachment to his principles made them prominent among his disciples, while Flodden probably began to deter them from the ancient attachment to France.