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Another word for pity

  1. Sympathetic, sad concern for someone in misfortune

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  2. A great disappointment or regrettable fact

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  1. To experience or express compassion

Another word for pity


    have or take pity on

Synonym Study

  • Condolence now usually implies a formal expression of sympathy with another in deep sorrow a letter of condolence
  • Sympathy , in this connection, implies such kinship of feeling as enables one to really understand or even to share the sorrow, trouble, etc. of another a friend I can always turn to for sympathy
  • Commiseration implies openly expressed feelings of pity or sympathetic sorrow she wept with her friend in commiseration
  • Compassion implies sorrow for another's sufferings or trouble accompanied by an urge to help or spare moved by compassion, they did not press for payment
  • Pity implies sorrow felt for another's suffering or misfortune, sometimes connoting slight contempt because the object is regarded as weak or inferior he felt pity for a man so ignorant