Sentence Examples

  • Whether it's an unintentional bikini slip while a star is on vacation or a high-profile wardrobe mishap during a publicized event, many celebrities end up flashing a lot more skin than they had originally intended.
  • She goes on to point out that every photo you see in a magazine has been airbrushed and that this little mishap may help to show people that, just because someone is on the cover of a magazine, doesn't mean that she's perfect.
  • A Japanese kanji symbol near her pelvic bone - apparently the original kanji was intended to mean "mysterious" but in yet another technical mishap, the tattoo artist confused this symbol with the kanji which means "strange."
  • As depicted in a season two episode of the popular television show Will and Grace when her desire for impressive breasts prompts Grace to wear a water-filled bra, an embarrassing leaking mishap may be more trouble than the bra is worth.
  • If any mishap befall the queen, the workers can sometimes keep the community from dying out.