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Another word for surprise

  1. To come upon, especially suddenly or unexpectedly

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  2. To attack suddenly and without warning

      1. To lie in wait for and attack from ambush.
      2. To approach and speak to (a person on the way to a destination or in the middle of an activity):
      3. To interrupt the course or progress of:
      1. To force one's way through a forested or overgrown area where no path exists:
      2. To travel through or live in the woods.
      3. To fight as a guerrilla in the woods.
      1. A sudden attack made from a concealed position.
      2. Those hiding in order to attack by surprise:
      3. The hiding place used for such an attack:
      1. An ambush.
      2. To attack suddenly and without warning from a concealed place; ambush.
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  3. To impress strongly by what is unexpected or unusual

Another word for surprise

  1. A feeling of amazement

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  1. To amaze


    take by surprise

Synonym Study

  • Flabbergast is a colloquial term suggesting an astounding to the point of speechlessness
  • Astound suggests such a shocking surprise that one is left helpless to act or think I was astounded by the proposal
  • Amaze suggests an astonishing that causes bewilderment or confusion amazed at the sudden turn of events
  • Astonish implies a surprising with something that seems unbelievable to astonish with sleight of hand
  • Surprise implies an affecting with wonder because of being unexpected, unusual, etc. I'm surprised at your concern