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Another word for astonishment

  1. The emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring or astounding

  2. One that evokes great surprise and admiration

      1. Astonishment, awe, or puzzlement.
      2. A state, arousal, or thing describable by wonder, strange, awe, surprise, marvel, or astonishment
      3. Something causing wonder; a marvel
      1. The emotion aroused by something awe-inspiring, astounding, or surprising:
      2. The feeling of surprise, admiration, and awe aroused by something strange, unexpected, incredible, etc.
      3. A monumental human creation regarded with awe, especially one of seven monuments of the ancient world that appeared on various lists of late antiquity.
      1. One that stuns, as:
      2. (Informal) A remarkably attractive, excellent, etc. person or thing
      3. (colloquial; variant spelling stunna) Specifically, a woman of stunning beauty (often hyperbolically).
      1. The action, event, person, etc. causing such a feeling
      2. The power or process of receiving conscious sense impressions through direct stimulation of the bodily organism
      3. A generalized feeling or reaction, often vague and without reference to immediate stimulus
      1. (Rare) An extraordinary happening, thought to presage good or evil fortune
      2. A person, thing, or act so extraordinary as to inspire wonder; specif., a child of highly unusual talent or genius
      3. An act or event so extraordinary or rare as to inspire wonder:
      1. In Kantian philosophy, a thing as it appears in perception as distinguished from the thing as it is in itself independent of sense experience
      2. Any event, circumstance, or experience that is apparent to the senses and that can be scientifically described or appraised, as an eclipse
      3. An unusual, significant, or unaccountable fact or occurrence; a marvel.
      1. One that excites admiring awe; a wonderful or amazing event, act, person, or thing.
      2. An event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws and is hence thought to be due to supernatural causes, esp. to an act of God
      3. A wonderful example
      1. (Archaic) Strong surprise; astonishment.
      2. A wonderful or astonishing thing; prodigy or miracle
      3. One that evokes surprise, admiration, or wonder.

Another word for astonishment

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