Sentence Examples

  • The pretext was the contumacy shown by the Locrian town Amphissa to the rulings of the Amphictyonic Council.
  • For this act of contumacy the king and kingdom were placed under interdict.
  • His long-deserved humiliation only began in the Winter of 1212-1213, when Innocent III., finding him so utterly callous as to the interdict, took the further step of declaring John does him deposed from the throne for contumacy, and the pope.
  • On France, in consequence of the contumacy of King Robert the Wise.
  • In 1592 parliament " ratified the liberty of the true kirk," leaving little liberty for king and state, since, in the phrase of one preacher, " the king might be excommunicated in case of contumacy and disobedience to the will of God," as interpreted by the ministers.