Sentence Examples

  • His intellect was logical in the highest degree; he was clear and precise, an enemy of loose reasoning, and quick to refute prevailing fallacies.
  • The course of human history is regarded by those writers who are most concerned to refute Judaism as a progressive divine education.
  • To see the absurdity of the second paradox of relativity is easier than to refute it.
  • We assume that the rite employed was serious and Anglican may reverent, and there is no longer any need to refute the fable of a ludicrous consecration at the "Nag's Head " tavern.
  • Arminius, fresh from Geneva, familiar with the dialectics of Beza, appeared to many the man able to speak the needed word, and so, in 1589, he was simultaneously invited by the ecclesiastical court of Amsterdam to refute Coornhert, and by Martin Lydius, professor at Franeker, to combat the two infralapsarian ministers of Delft.