Sentence Examples

  • Take time to indulge, taste, smell, relax and pamper.
  • There are no spa, fitness, or gambling facilities on any Windjammer ship; though since the vessels spend the majority of their time in port, passengers can easily find ways to pamper themselves, exercise, or play games of chance on shore.
  • The tour which is scheduled from August 14-21 and promises a good time for all with a large selection of activities, delicious cuisine, luxurious amenities to pamper yourself, and a Christian atmosphere to refresh a nourish yourself.
  • Today's women lead busier lives than ever before, and between work, school, family and friends, volunteering, and a host of other commitments, they don't often take the time to pamper themselves the way they deserve.
  • With a team of stylists, manicurists and spa technicians, Joseph Michael's Salon and Spa can offer services from basic hair care to full body spa treatments designed to pamper both body and soul.