Sentence Examples

  • I mean, if you're mom looks down upon you racing her Tahoe down the street, play this game to satiate your urges.
  • Even if this Guitar Hero World Tour song list isn't enough to satiate your appetite for little guitars and plastic drums, the good people at Activision and Neversoft have more for to you to enjoy as well.
  • As if the wide array of characters at the start weren't enough to satiate your thirst for Nintendo-themed racing adventure, there are no fewer than 14 additional characters for you to try in this game as well.
  • Purchase a jar of foundation that will last you months for $7 or satiate your taste for adventurous colors with a $5.25 jar of eye shadow.
  • Reading about them may be enough for the casual viewer, while screen captures may satiate those who appreciate the show's visual appeal.